yea good idea, big bad, i have a question, my keets like coming out, they come out themselves and 1 of my keets also lets me take him out of the cage while he sits on my finger however i dont know how to like tell them to come back when i want them back in the cage when i need to go or something so what i do is i take a wood stick and they get on it and i start walking to the cage, sometimes they fly back to their playpan which is near the window and sometimes they stay on and let me put them back in, how do i make them understand so when i say "chucky" , he will know im talking to him and come out or vice versa(when hes out and i call him to put him back in)? my 2 keets are really starting to trust me alot, they get on my hand and stay on it, 1 of my keets is doing good with step up and i DO NOT push on his belly anymore to make him step, i just place the finger near his belly and he puts his legs by himself btw for your information i had my keets for a little less than 4 weeks