ok first of all i have 2 keets, and yes today i made him step up in the cage and i took him out of the cage and put him on top of the cage, he didnt resist or fly back in, then my other keet just flew on his own on the top of the cage too, now today i tried making them step WITHOUT millet and it worked very well too, im afraid for 1 keet tho, my other keet just does not want to step, what should i do regarding that? he gets used to me more and more, he sat on my hand 2 times today when he say that the keet that interacts with me more was sitting on my finger, he will step on a wooden perch tho, thats how i get them back in the cage because when they are walking on top of their cage they dont want to step up or anything like that, now, i thought i need to say " UP" when i want him to step up, not his name. should i say his name? when do i say "up" and btw, i did another thing today, i made him step on my finger with a little force, then he was on my finger, i raised my finger higher and then i placed my other hand's index finger near his belly, i DID NOT touch him, i just said up and he put his leg up and stepped on my other finger without force! i tried again and he did it again, now regarding the bathroom, i never got them into the bathroom, should i get him into the bathroom? btw they love takin a bath, i have a small bath with a mirror and they both take a bath in it, oh and how should i take him to the bathroom by itself? im afraid he will fly back when he sees hes the only one im taking(and leaving the other keet in the cage)

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