to lamon: well fernanade's question is a good one. it does depend on how many keets u have. but to do a out of cage training. u should first, take them out, against their will (im sad to say) but make sure they arent that scared. take them to a bathroom (its the safest room) close the door and put downt he toilet seat. then just let him go. he might fly around, but once he settles down pick him up, and he should let you. place him on you shoulder, and if u have long hair like i do (least to ur shoulder) he should be really happy. walk around the bathroom, wash ur hands, sit on the toilet seat.. u get the drift. and if he stays, leave the bathroom and do other stuff. leave him on ur shoulder for maybe 3 or 4 hours (make ur u have a tissue on ur shoulder..) poop piles up. do that, and then tell him how its going =)