all I can say is wow,I remember when you guys first joined the forum.most of you have come a long way.congrats on the training.I can't remember the post but somewhere wayback in the spring someone was advising people not to let keets kiss direcly on the mouth they gave the reason but I can't remember it but I was had something to do with the health of a keet,so beware ew don't want to cause any sickness.whn I take my babies back to the vet i'm going to ask them.if someone goes before me please find out we don't want to do anything tha might harm our keets in the long run .hay lamonsas special congrats to you when you first came to the forum you had lots of questions concerning you you can be of help to others.that's how it works.we work together for the better are of our budgies.melissa is doing a great job too.i'm so pleased with the both of you.pass on what yu have learned to the newbie coming on the forum.

when you wish upon a star,you pray you wish comes true.