ok cool, btw i bough them a play gym today, it has a bell, ladder, swing and a rope and like a small crysal tied inbetween the rope, it was 20$, i put 1 of my keets ontop of the cage(thats where i placed the play gym) and he was looking around but didnt touch the play gym, he didnt touch it because its new? and im trying all i can with my other keet, it is still a bit affraid but its getting better, and tell me, how do u hand feed your keets? just hold the food near their beak until they start eating? and you said your mom's friend brought her 2 keets to your house and you put them inside your cage where YOUR keets are? they didnt start fighting or anything? i am considering buy a 3rd keet, a blue one, i really want a blue one, i already have a male and a female right now, a male would be the best to buy right? and i have a questin, if i do get a third keet, is that gonna affect my training procedure? i mean the keet that steps up for me and all, is he gonna keep on working so nicely or once i get the 3rd keet it will all change? i plan on putting the new blue keet in a sperate cage for like 24 hours so they get to know him and only then i will put him in the cage with my 2 current keets, tell me what you think