jc, lamon, u guys have the same problem. lamon, dont try to bribe your keets, try trust and have them do it without tricking them. they might lose trust if they figure out whenever they get on ur hand, u'll trick them. and jc, ur doing really well with the hand training. but u went to step 2 too quickly. step one was to get birdie trust. that means, the bird lets u touch him, pet him, and loves to chew on ur finger all the time. and most importantly, if u wave ur hand all around him, he wont freak out. if u get THERE then u should try step 3. =) i would suggest if u put ur hand in there and they are afraid, just let ur hand just sit in the cage doing nothing for like 5 minutes. i know it sounds really corny, but they get use to it.. and will soon start think of u as family. =)