i see, no he does not let me touch him, i dont think he is really distracting anything. he is a little older than the keet that interacts with me because it doesnt have ALOT of lines on his head, i heared that tells if a keet is young or older.. and by you saying "spend time", what should i do? i mean in the cage when i try to get near him he gets away , also outside the cage, it tries to get away, they get more calm and calm however still not what i desire at all and nothing like what my other keet does(step up ..), i did not see he didnt have alot of lines on his head in the store when i bought it, did i actually do a mistake? because i think 99% that he is older than the keet that interacts with my because the keet that interacts with me has his whole head and neck full of lines however the keet that resists and gets away all the time doesnt have as much, anyway thats what i have i guess, how should i make it more tame? oh and i should ONLY give both of them spray millet when they get better with something? i shouldnt feed them millet like when they sit on the window just for fun and so they trust me more because i feed them or that doesnt help with anything?

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