lol some keets can reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly drive u crazy, i mean they JUST WONT coaporate with you. smile man its crazy lol but yea my keets really like me, they want me to take them out daily, they even climb the cage so i can take em out when they see me, they take bath everyday, play around like crazy and basically do all that stuff.. hey i actually have a question, i bought this toy in thee store for like 10$, its a chime toy, it makes nice sounds when they metals are moving but my keets dont seem to use it much, they stand on it sometimes and stuff but not use it occasionaly, oh it also has this treat thingie on it, like some candy or something, special for keets, but anyway they dont use it much, should i take it out? but then again i dont have anything to put instead of that, hey big bad momma, in your avatar, you have that green toy there which is like a circle and has beads in the top of it and also has a bell, do the keets play with that? i can buy that toy in the petland near my house, its like 2$ something, should i buy that toy?