i have a question regarding this, my budgies get a bit nervous when i try to touch them with my hand inside the cage however when they come out on their own and sit on the window he steps on finger to reach the spray millet im holding in my other hand, my other keet is more scared and doesnt like to step up alot but she did go up on my finger twice today to eat spray millet and i basically had them both eat spray millet on my hand, now, what do i need to do for them to keep going with me around the room because i can walk a bit away from the window while he is on my finger but i must keep on feeding him the spray millet or else he relizes im going away from the window especially when the other keet is still sitting there, now i tried to walk away with both of them on my finger eatin spray millet also but the more scared keet flew back to the window and so my other keet also. so yea what do i need to do for them to stay on my finger? oh and the way i make my 1 keet that steps up is i push up on his belly and say up, i dont know if he steps because i say up or becausee i gently push on his belly but he steps up, i make him step up FIRST before i let him get the millet to make him understand he needs to step up to eat the millet, thats a good way to make him understand yea?