wow, i wish u can teach me how to get them to love baths! they are so smart.. they know exactly when im going to give them one.. (how do they get so smart?)
about kissing, i just first only kissed them on their head or stomach or their wings first, and i did it all the time. when they didnt mind, i kissed them on their beak, and they got so use to it, they try to do the same thing.. btw, if they close their eyes, that means they like it.. =) now all i do is be like a centimeter away from kissing their beak, and they kiss me =) i like to scratch them, so they get use to that.. but i just have them getting use to the idea of me scratching them, they dont like it yet. and u asked me how do i get my keet to fly back to me? its not easy, and they still dont do it that well. its just that they love hair.. and since im a girl, i have alot of it on my head. when im in the bathroom, the best place for them to sit without being uncomfortable is on me, so when i let them fly around, they realize, im a safe spot. when they get use to that idea, they will fly back to me whenever i sent them off, just so they can cushion up in my hair. =) its so cute..