good idea, im gonna try to work on teachin him his name by saying "Up chuckie" when i want him to step up, that should give him an idea his name is chuckie right? oh and regarding my other keet, what should i do to make her understand im safe, because obviously 1 of my keets knows it already, well is starting to know however my other keet is more catious i guess, and just so i know, what should i usualy do when he steps up on my finger outside of the cage? he'll keep on sitting btw, sometimes he wants to go down but most of the time he stays sitting on my finger, what i tried to do is raise him to my face and he like looks at my face lol, i also feed him while he is sitting on my finger, and once again, i can walk around a bit but if its too much he'll be like whoa and fly to where my other keet is laugh