It sounds like you're doing a really good job. Keep it up!

It can take a while for them to learn that you want them to respond to their names. Just keep using their names, especially when you're talking to just one of the keets, and they will eventually learn. It takes patience; that's all.

With the one who is willing to step up without you touching him (yay!), you could try moving on to holding your finger a little farther away, so he would have to hop and not just step. That will start him mentally on the path of coming to you when you call "Chucky, step up!" Once he'll do that you can keep moving farther away, gradually, and he should still know you want him to come perch on your finger, even if your hand isn't immediately in front of him.

Let the second bird go at his own pace, the way you've been doing, but don't let his caution keep you from trying to get the younger bird to progress in training. Remember they are flock birds, and the more the first one trusts you and comes to you, the easier it becomes for the other to start trusting you, too.