actually it shouldnt be too hard.. anything with a blue/purple look is a guy, and anything with a girly pink or brown look is a girl! =) and about hand feeding, its easy, i hold the food in between two fingers, like a spoon, and feed them. they love the royal treatment so much, they like that better then going all the way down to the bottom of the cage to fight over the bowl of food. lazy keets.. yup, just like me =) the key think is, u have to let the keet see the food in ur hand before u try to feed him. just hold it in front of him (like 3 inches away.) and if he stays, slowly approach, and see if he eats! make sure u feed him anything he likes, if u give him stuff he hates, he isnt gonna look forward to ur feedings. my keets love the small white seeds.. (i think u call them millets? i dont know i got a mix seed pack) they dont eat any of the hard brown seeds, they are for parrots. dont try to feed them that, and if u have large black seeds, yes they eat it, but not from your hand! stick to small soft seeds in hand feeding. treats are strongly preferred! i would feed them treats.. but i dont have any right now. and if only one of ur keets eat from u, and the other doesnt, ignore the other one, and give the one that does like u full attention. the other will get jealous and want some food too! =)