Champagne and Cheese

Champagne and Cheese is a classic combination. You don't normally want to eat a whole meal with Champagne - you want to savor the fine wine and enjoy its texture and flavor. Cheese is a good thing to nibble at while you do so - to complement the flavor.

Champagne and Cheese


Brie is a soft, creamy French cheese that is best served very fresh. This goes wonderfully with a gentle Champagne, something light and fruity.

Mild cheddar

Cheddar is an English cheese that most people have tried at some point. The French and the English may not get along all too well, but the cheeses certainly do! Choose a mild, young cheddar; it will go well with some of the sharper, brighter Champagnes.


How appropriate! Chevre is the French word for "goat cheese". Make sure it's fresh, and it will have a mild but tangy flavor to it. Use this with the stronger Champagnes that have a bit of kick to them.


Colby is a hard, mild cheese often associated with Port. Colby is originally from Wisconsin, and does go very well with Champagne as well. Try this with a medium-bodied Champagne.


Edam is a semi-hard, creamy cheese from Holland. It's slightly nutty, so it's a great pairing with the many Champagnes that have that nutty undertone to them.


Gouda is another Dutch cheese, this one hard and smooth. As it also has a nutty flavor to it, it also pairs wonderfully with the nutty Champagnes.

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