Marie Antoinette and the Saucer Cup

Marie Antoinette Tall, thin Champagne flutes are well proven to be the best serving glass for Champagne, because they preserve the bubbles and delicate aromas a Champagne contains. So how did we get to the point where some people use wide-brimmed glasses?

The theory is that back in the days of the French aristocracy, Marie Antoinette was quite in love with Champagne wine. If you recall, this girl had quite the life. She was the beloved princess of Austria, and was married at 15 to the prince of France. She was the Queen of France only a few years later and quickly fell in love with the life of excess. She's the one who said "let them eat cake!" when told the peasants were starving.

Adored by her royal friends for her fine figure, she often had serving ware made from her anatomy. Sevres was well known for its porcelain ware and she made bowls to serve food with from her busom.

Marie felt that her breast would make a perfect mold for drinking Champagne. There is even an "original mold" preserved at a museum of France, which is the basis of all coupe glasses.

Some erroneously claim that Helen of Troy served as the model. This is a neat idea - but Champagne as a sparkling wine wasn't created until the 1600s!

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