What is Dom Perignon?

Dom Perignon

A History of Dom Pérignon

Most Champagne houses make a range of Champagnes, just like most wineries make a range of wines. Even Californian Zinfandel makers will make a "typical" Zinfandel and then a "Reserve" Zin - often the reserve is from a special batch of vines, or aged for longer, or so on.

Moët et Chandon decided to give their top-of-the-line release "Dom Pérignon".

Dom Pérignon was the legendary Benedictine monk that supposedly invented Champagne, "seeing stars". His tomb is in the Abbey of Hautvillers. Moët et Chandon bought their lands and vineyards back in 1794.

What is the Dom Pérignon Wine?

Dom Pérignon was launched in 1921 by Moët et Chandon as their "top of the line" - in this regard it is similar to Laurent-Perrier's "Grand Siecle", Roederer's "Cristal", and Taittinger's "Comtes de Champagne". It is the very best Champagne that their company puts out.

Dom Pérignon is a "single vineyard" wine. It is only made from grapes made in that one vineyard, and it is only made in certain years when the harvest is really good. It is renowned for its beautiful flavor, delicious finish, longevity, and quality.

What are the Years?

Vintages and Wine Spectator Ratings
1993 (89 pts)
1990 (92 pts)
1985 (91 pts)
1983 (95 pts)
1982 (93 pts)
1980 (94 pts)
1978 (88 pts)

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