Champagne Bubbles get you Drunk More Quickly

You always thought that when you drank Champagne, those bubbles went straight to your head. Now science has proved you were right!

Scientists at the University of Surrey, in Guildford England, compared people drinking bubbly Champagne vs those who drank a flat version. Their tests showed that while the flat Champagne drinkers only had .39 mg of alcohol in their system after five minutes, those who were drinking the bubbly stuff already had .54 mg. These 'drunker' individuals did far poorly on the tests given to them, that tested perception and reaction times.

Now, of course, the question is why. Scientists still aren't sure about that part. They theorize that it might be because the bubbles help the alcohol get digested more quickly - helping it get into the blood system.

So drink slowly while savoring that Champagne!

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