Wine and Weddings

Are you having a bridal shower? Planning an engagement party for a wedding? Wine is a key component of any celebration, and has been for thousands of years! You're partaking in a long tradition by including wine and Champagne in your special events.

For general questions about how much to get, and what types to have available, check out the General Wine Party Planning Tips. This'll help you with pairing food and wine, and ensuring that you have enough to go around.

There are some special considerations for weddings and engagements, though. One key feature is the toast. Be sure to choose some fun ones, and to have trivia answers to Why we Clink Glasses when we offer our good wishes.

Buying wine as a present for the special couple? Throw out what all the magazines and news writers say. Instead, Buy what the Couple Likes. Seems pretty simple? What good is a $80 Bordeaux if they love Chardonnay? If you grab a case of their favorite wine, that will serve them far better than any exotic prize you might bring back from the depths of a wine store.

How about something a little more long-term? More and more people are choosing to buy wines that Age With the Couple - that is, better and better with time. Want to get a present that is best at the 10th or 20th anniversary? This might be the route for you!

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Champagne Cocktail Recipes Ebook

You'll have instant access to over 90 delicious Champagne cocktail recipes from your Kindle, your laptop, your PDA, or any other PDF-viewing system! Perfect for any Champagne cocktail lover!
Champagne Cocktail Recipes Ebook

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