Champagne and Desserts

Champagne is a region of France, and only wines which come from this region can properly be called "Champagne". Similar drinks from California, Massachusetts, and the rest of the world should be called "sparkling wines".

What desserts are traditional with this fine sparkling wine?


This is a classic for romantic occasions, but it only works with very sweet sparklers! Try this with Asti Spumanti from Italy, or Pommery Pop. All you need are a pair of flutes to clink, and a serving of strawberries to savor by hand. You might even feed each other one or two.

Tarts & Crumbles

Fruit dishes that are fresh and light work perfectly well - an apple tart, a pear crumble.

Fruit Puddings

Another great dish with Champagne is plum pudding or rice pudding. This is perfect for holiday celebrations! Again, if you use a sweeter pudding, be sure to pair it with a sweeter Chamapgne.

Shortbread and Almond Cookies

Choose light, delicate cookies to match well with Champagne's bubbles and freshness. Kugelhopf is a classic almond cake that does quite nicely.

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Champagne Cocktail Recipes

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Champagne Cocktail Recipes Ebook

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