Wine Basics - Learn About Wine

Wine has been around for thousands of years, and for a newcomer wine can seem very intimidating. Really, many people in the world drink wine simply as a healthy, enjoyable daily drink. Many people make wine in their own back yards out of the available fruits and berries found there. Wine should not be intimidating or pretentious. It should be something you enjoy for your own personal taste preferences.

The best way to learn about wine is to dive in and start tasting some! Learn for yourself which wines best suit your particular palate. Here are helpful pages to get you started, and as always, email me if you have any questions! I'm here to help!

Starting Out

Tips for Getting Into Wine
General Wines for a Sweet Tooth
Sweet Red Wines for Healthy Drinking

Selecting and Buying

Choosing a Wine in a Wine Shop
US Wine Shipping Laws
Choosing a Wine Club
Wine Sales, Shops and Merchants
Blue Laws and Wine Sales on Sunday
Shipping Wine Into the US
Sales Tax on Wine

Special Events

Planning for a Party with Wine
Planning for a Wedding with Wine


Gathering a Wine Collection
Storing a Wine Collection
Storing Wine on your Kitchen Counter
Storing Wine in your Fridge
Cooling Wine in your Freezer
Aging Guidelines for Wine
Heatwave - Short Term Overheating of Wine
Wine in a Snowstorm

Older Wines

Is Old Wine Safe to Drink?
How Much is my Old Wine Bottle Worth?
Selling Wine


Wine Serving Temperatures
How Quickly Does a Wine Warm Up?
How Do You Keep a Wine at the Right Temperature?
Letting a Red Wine Breathe
Using Ice Cubes to Chill a Wine
How to Decant Wine
How to Pour Wine for Guests / Patrons
Wine and Food
Flavors and Aromas in Wine
Keeping an Open Bottle


Waitress Wine Tips

Wine Related

Wine and Health
Host Your Own Wine Tasting
Attending a Wine Tasting
Descriptions of All Types of Wine
Hybrid vs Cross vs Blend
Wine Stain Removal

Wine Travel

Winery Reviews with Photos
Carrying Wine on an Airplane
Drinking Wine on an Airplane
Worldwide Drinking Ages
Visiting Wineries on Motorcycle

All content on the WineIntro website is personally written by author and wine enthusiast Lisa Shea. WineIntro explores the delicious variety and beautiful history which makes up our world of wine! Lisa loves supporting local wineries and encouraging people to drink whatever they like. We all have different taste buds, and that makes our world wonderful. Always drink responsibly.