How to Open Champagne

Here is a step by step guide on how to properly open a bottle of Champagne. Click on any image to get the full details on that particular step. Remember, your primary goal in opening a bottle of Champagne is to control the cork and, of course, not to let much of the drink spill.

Opening Champagne This is a bottle of Nantucket Vineyards sparkling wine, from the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts. We picked it up over the summer while visiting with my sister, and thought it'd be a good demo subject for this article. Check out the reviews on this site to find a Champagne or sparkling wine that matches your taste preferences.

Opening Champagne Every bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine (with a few low-end exceptions) has foil wrapped around the outside of the cage. In the old days, some foil was lead-lined to keep mice from eating into the cork of wine, but in modern times you just remove this foil.

Opening Champagne From this point onward, keep the cork pointed in a safe direction, and keep one thumb on it just in case. Corks can loosen over time, so even if you think you're not ready to pop the cork yet, the bottle may have a different idea.

Opening Champagne Undo the wire cage. This cage ensures that the cork doesn't pop out of the bottle until you are ready to have it do so. Loosen it gently, being sure to keep a thumb on the cork to prevent unexpected surprises.

Opening Champagne The cage is off. At this point, you would normally put a towel over the cork, but that makes photographing the series difficult! We've taken the next few photos without a towel, to show you what is going on.

Opening Champagne Hold the cork in one hand (usually under a towel, if you have one), and the base of the bottle in the other. Turn the Bottle, not the cork, slowly and gently. You want the cork to ease off with a soft "whoof", not with a pop.

Opening Champagne The cork has just eased off (again, probably under a towel). You have managed to save the bubbles and air from being lost (never mind the Champagne!) and should now quickly pour it out. Slide the towel around to the neck of the bottle for pouring.

Opening Champagne You can now pour, with or without the towel. If you get experienced, you'll find a quick turn of the bottle when you're done pouring each glass will catch the drops on the edge of the lip. Pour down the sides of the glasses to minimize head and therefore bubble waste.

Opening Champagne The glasses are poured! Raise them, and give a toast to celebrate! Champagne is good for almost any occasion - don't put it off!

Important Note: Never use a corkscrew on a bottle of Champagne!! The bottle is under strong pressure and could explode.

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