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Lisa Shea WineIntro Welcome! My name is Lisa Shea, and I am your personal guide to the world of wine. My mission is to help all levels of wine drinkers find fresh enjoyment and interest in the fascinating world of wine. I feel strongly that wine information should be free - people pay enough to buy the wine bottles!

I've been writing on the Internet about wine since 1998. Over the years I've created over 25,000 pages, photos, and reviews. All content here is written by me, and it's all ready for your enjoyment. In addition to my articles I also have a blog area for fun updates and a wine forum where you can chime in and participate.

If you have a question and can't find the answer on this site, please post in our wine forums. We are happy to help you out.

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Gratitude in Each Day - 11/18/2021 11:34:45 PM

If there's one thing these past two years have taught us, it is that life is unpredictable. Find a way to be grateful for the blessings you have in each day. One never knows what the future will hold.

Tell those you care for how much they mean to you. Treasure relationships. Follow your dreams.

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Wine Basics

There is always something new to learn about wine. What is the best temperature for serving a Chardonnay? How do you store a wine after the bottle has been opened? Does refrigerating a wine harm it? Learn tips and techniques for serving and enjoying your wine.

Wine Basics

Wine Types

There are thousands of wines in the world, from the typical Cabernet and Chardonnay to the more rare Bull's Blood and Ice Wine. Learn about the countless varieties of wine - what makes each one unique, and which might become your new favorites. Expand your horizons!

Wine Types

Wine and Food Pairings

Each of us has a very different set of taste buds. Some of us love spicy flavors, others prefer their food more mild. This means that the proper pairing of food and wine is individual, based on your personal likes and dislikes. We can help you in your quest.

Food Wine Pairings