Pink Champagne Basics and Information

Pink Champagne is an incredibly romantic drink! This is NOT just regular Champagne with pink food coloring :) To understand why Champagne can be made pink, you need to understand just how Champagne is made.

pink Champagne Champagne is made from four different grapes. These are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Gris. Usually it's the first two grapes that are used in the most volume.

Chardonnay is a white wine grape - but pinot noir is a red wine grape! So how come all Champagne is not pink? The answer is in the way a grape works. Grapes are all white on the inside. It's only the outside skin that has any color. You can make a white wine out of a red grape! You would just remove the skins immediately so that there was no red color added to the wine liquid. An example is white zinfandel. Zinfandel is a red grape. To make a white zinfandel, they just let the skins stay on the liquid for a short while. That lets a small amount of the tint from the red skin color the wine liquid, giving it a nice blush color.

So normally when they make a Champagne, even though they use "red grapes", they take the skin away immediately so that none of the red color from the skin affects the overall color of the Champagne liquid. In order to make a Champagne a pink Champagne, all they have to do is let the skins sit with the liquid for a short while. The longer it sits together, the more pink the liquid becomes.

Pink Champagne was made famous in the movie An Affair to Remember, when both of the lead romantic actors fall in love with each other and share their love of the pink bubbly. In Hotel California, they like to drink "Pink Champagne on Ice".

But how does it taste? Champagne can vary widely from maker to maker, so if you've tried different Champagnes you already know that they can be sweet, musty, fruity, nutty, and any variety of other flavors. Pink Champagnes tend to taste a little fruity, but they can be sweet or non-sweet depending on the maker. You'll want to look up the website for a given maker of pink Champagne - or check out the neck tag at your local wine shop - to know exactly what flavors are in a specific Pink Champagne you want to try.

Pink Champagnes certainly make lovely Champagne cocktails!! They are also perfect for all romantic situations.

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