Champagne & Meals

Champagne is a region of France, and only wines which come from this region can properly be called "Champagne". Similar drinks from California, Massachusetts, and the rest of the world should be called "sparkling wines".

What meals are traditional with this fine sparkling wine?


Lobster with olive oil, grilled spiny lobster. Lobster is a great pairing for Champagne!


I am a huge scallop fan, and these go quite nicely with Champagne. A light dish with olive oil and ginger would be perfect.


Shrimp in any style - grilled, raw, steamed. Shrimp goes wonderfully with the light bubbly Champagne.


If you can serve mushrooms as a dish, or add mushrooms to any of the dishes you are making, they are exceptional with most Champagnes.


If you're a sushi fan, and can make an entire meal of sushi, then Champagne is the perfect pairing for you. It goes exceptionally well with sushi, and can make even a normal meal into a celebration.

Light Chicken

If seafood doesn't appeal to you, take heart. Champagne also goes well with light chicken dishes. Use some olive oil, but stay away from the lemon or vinegar.

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Champagne Cocktail Recipes Ebook

Our Sangria Recipes include a section on sparkling sangria recipes. These are Champagne Cocktails as well!