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Lisa Shea Wine Writer Welcome to WineIntro.com! My name is Lisa Shea, and I am your personal guide to the world of wine. Wine should never be pretentious or snobby. Wine should be the daily drink you enjoy to bring flavor to your food, health to your life and a smile to your face. My mission is to help all levels of wine drinkers find fresh enjoyment and interest in the fascinating world of wine. I feel strongly that this information should be FREE - people pay enough to buy the wine!

I've had wine content on the web since the late 1990s and wrote for About.com as well as other sites. I began this site WineIntro from scratch in September 2004. Over the years I have written thousands of pages on wine, wine regions, wine types, wine reviews and more. Whether you're new to wine or have been drinking for many years, you'll be sure to find helpful tips and tidbits within these pages. I provide links to over 1,000 winery websites, as well as links to winemaking stores, accessory shops and wine clubs.

I do NOT get sent free wine samples to taste. I believe strongly that I should review what you would be tasting. That means I drink normal, undoctored wines from the wine shop, that I have paid for with my own money. Yes, it can be expensive. But it's the only way to guarantee that what I taste is what YOU will taste. Many reviewers get sent hand-picked, special bottles of wine. Do you think their reviews accurately reflect what the average drinker will taste? Nope!

I also will NOT tell you what wine is best! Wine is like music, or art. We each know what we like. But we can't tell another person what THEY will like. We certainly can't tell the entire world of wine drinkers what they ALL will like :) Each of us is different. I teach you to learn how to understand the world of wine, so you can choose and drink the wines that best suit your palate.

If you have a question and can't find the answer on this site, let me know. I'd be happy to help out. In the meantime, enjoy the site!

Note: I regularly get inquiries about whether WineIntro.com is available for sale. If you have a serious offer, I am open to discussion.

-- Lisa Shea
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All content on the WineIntro website is personally written by author and wine enthusiast Lisa Shea. WineIntro explores the delicious variety and beautiful history which makes up our world of wine! Lisa loves supporting local wineries and encouraging people to drink whatever they like. We all have different taste buds, and that makes our world wonderful. Always drink responsibly.