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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions - or FAQs - on Champagne Cocktails! Let me know if you have any others.

My Champagne Flute is Too Small for Three Shots!

You'll find that cocktails in general are not an exact science. For example I can go to ten different bars around here ask for a "rum and coke", and get things that are similar but each have their own characteristics. Some are stronger, some are weaker, some use different types of rum, some add on limes, and so on. What you get as the base recipe is a guideline, to show you which direction to go in, but you then customize it for your own interest.

For example many of my readers are interested in a hint of flavor but not overwhelming alcohol. So they might put in only a dash of Midori for example, rather than the full shot called for in a recipe. That gives it the green color and the slight melony flavor without being a whole shot of hard alcohol. On the other hand, some of my readers are party girls and they double the alcohol :)

If you're doing one of the triple shot cocktails and have a flute which won't fit them in, the party girls would say you only need a dash of Champagne to make it bubbly, that the shots are the important part. The elegant sippers would say the bubbly is the important part and reduce each of the shots to keep them in proportion so maybe half of each. Then again someone who really liked one particular of the shots would keep a full shot of that and then just reduce the other two.

It's up to you!

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