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Cranberry has great health benefits. Pomegranates have great health benefits! What a wonderful way to celebrate your health. The flavor of cranberry and pomegranate are both a bit tart so I like to have this with a sweet Italian Prosecco rather than a French Champagne, but you can make it any way you wish! It creates a lovely dark red color. Very romantic!

1 shot cranberry wine
1 shot pomegranate juice
Champagne or sparkling wine

Cran Pom Champagne Cocktail

Pour the cranberry juice into a Champagne flute, then add in the pomegranate juice. Finally, fill with Champagne.

Toast to your health!

Note: If you don't have cranberry wine, you can either use cranberry juice for less of a kick, or add in half cranberry, half vodka for a more powerful drink!

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