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Lemons show up in "bad sayings" - as in "if life gives you lemons, you make lemonade". They imply that lemons are a bad thing. Lemons are great! They are full of Vitamin C to help you stay healthy. Their sour flavor is the perfect counterpoint to sweeter drinks. Enjoy the lemons of life! If life gives you lemons, make lemon sangria!

Sangria Recipes

Bombay Sapphire Sangria Recipe
Brown Sugar Sangria Recipe
Cinnamon Red-Hot Sangria Recipe
Cranberry Orange Sangria Recipe
Cranberry Peach Sangria Recipe
Cranberry Sangria Mold Recipe
Cranberry Triple Sec Sangria Recipe
Five Fruit Sangria Recipe
Fruity Sangria Blanca Recipe
Grand Marnier Sangria
Hot-Sauce Sangria
Irish Whiskey Sangria
Lemon Sangria Recipe
Mango Cointreau Sangria Recipe
Midori Sangria
Nectarine Sangria Recipe
Patriotic Red-White-Blue Sangria
Peach Sangria Recipe
Pineapple Sangria Recipe
St. Patrick's Day Sangria
Strawberry Lemon Lime Sangria Recipe
1800s Claret Cup Recipe
1918 Mint Julep Recipe

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Note: I created these sangria recipes and have had them online for years. If you find similar sangria recipes elsewhere, it's because someone copied my idea. I do appreciate it when visitors write in to warn me about the plagiarism - but usually there's not much I can do about it! What's really funny is when they copy my design right down to my sangria pitcher. That's a bit much :)

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