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Sangria is a delicious wine punch traditionally made with wine and brandy. Here are some frequently asked questions about sangria!

Does Sangria Need to be Refrigerated?

Sangria does have some alcohol in it, so it isn't likely to become "poisonous". However, Sangria has wine and fruit in it - and these things tend to decay in warmth. Wine becomes vinegar rather quickly once exposed to air. Fruit of course gets mushy and falls apart. It's really in your best interest to keep your Sangria in the fridge at all times - and use ice cubes when it's out on the table. For the ice cubes, you can either use real ones or plastic ones which won't melt and dilute your punch.

How Long will Sangria Last?

The base of sangria is wine. Wine, once you expose it to air, quickly tastes sour like vinegar. In a bottle, you at least have the container sealed so that the volume of air touching the sangria is relatively small, and it can last a few days to a week. With sangria, you usually have it in a wide mouthed pitcher. I would drink this in a day or two before the vinegar flavors become too strong. It's not that the sangria will become "poisonous" in that period of time - but drinking vinegar is not usually a tasty pastime.

Is Sangria Always Red?

It's true that many restaurants assume the word sangria means a red wine blend. However, sangria can be made with white wine or sparkling wine as well. It's completely up to you! Start with a wine you enjoy, add in your favorite fruits and berries, and top it off with a bit of liqueur. Enjoy!

What does the word "Sangria" mean?

The Spanish language is a fascinating one - I studied it for six years! My father and stepmother both speak Spanish fluently, as my father spent a few of his teenage years in South America. It is a lovely language full of nuance.

The root word in Spanish is "sangre" which means "blood". However, you can be even more specific. The word in Spanish for "bleeding" is actually "sangria". The connection here is not of course that sangria has blood in it :). Rather, it is that the rich, red color of blood matches the vibrant hue of the sangria drink. In many cultures blood was the symbol of life, of vitality, of a full experience and passion. This is what sangria embodies!

What is the One Authentic Sangria Recipe?

This is sort of like asking what the one authentic chicken recipe is in the United States. There are literally thousands of chicken recipes, and all of them are completely authentic. Some use garlic. Some use dill. Some use a grill, some use a stove. Each one is delicious in its own way.

The same is absolutely true for sangria. Remember, sangria didn't "spring into existence" in Spain in the 1900s. People had been making red wine punches in Europe for hundreds of years. Claret Cup was a staple at fancy parties and cottage gatherings alike. People grabbed whatever wine was handle (red, white or otherwise), whatever fruit was in their back yard, and tossed in some hard alcohol. Voila! They had a drink.

If you go to 100 different towns in Spain you'll find 100 different traditional recipes. That is the beauty of sangria. It is adaptable, delicious, and takes full advantage of whatever is in season at the moment. It is the ultimate flexible beverage.

What Traditional Pitcher is Used for Sangria?

The image shown below of a pitcher is the traditional pitcher for Sangria, created in Spain especially for the purpose of serving sangria. The pinched lip at the front of the pitcher helps to catch the fruit in the sangria and keep it from cascading down into the person's glass! The ceramic container helps to keep the sangria cool on a hot summer's day.

Let me know what other questions you have about sangria!

What Is the Best Wine for Sangria?
How to make Sangria

Sangria glass Here's the glass that Riedel recommends for Sangria. It's relatively inexpensive.

This glassware is also great for those other young and light reds - Gamay, Bardolino, Beaujolais Nouveau, Dolcetto, Freisa, Grignolino, Lagrein and Lambrusco.

Sangria's best served chilled. It goes well with just about anything!

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Note: I created these sangria recipes and have had them online for years. If you find similar sangria recipes elsewhere, it's because someone copied my idea. I do appreciate it when visitors write in to warn me about the plagiarism - but usually there's not much I can do about it! What's really funny is when they copy my design right down to my sangria pitcher. That's a bit much :)

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