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I have tens of thousands of pages on this website, ranging from winery notes and photos to wine descriptions and winemaking instructions. If you write, please let me know what in particular has caught your eye!


How Much is my Old Bottle Worth?
Calories in Wine
Carbs in Wine
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I provide several other ways of keeping updated about the wine world!

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Many wine lovers use RSS readers to manage their news feeds and information. An RSS feed then sends instant updates to the RSS reader whenever new information is posted. If you use an RSS reader, here is the WineIntro wine feed to keep you up to date!
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I've been blogging about wine since 2004, providing updates about wine reviews, winery trips, serving experiments and much more! Read through old entries and see what's new in the world of wine.
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Twitter is a short, brief social networking tool where people send alerts of two or three lines at the most, sharing what they are currently up to. The WineIntro Twitter Feed is free and fun!
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The Wine forum is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Post your question about wine - whether it's what to pair with chicken marsala, or how to serve your favorite chardonnay. We'll get back to you quickly with advice!
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I send weekly email updates with summaries of the latest changes and updates to the site, along with delicious wine cocktail recipes and more. I promise that your name is fully safe with me - I never share those names with anybody.
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