Best Sangria Recipe

Just how does one judge a "Best Sangria Recipe"? There are millions of styles of sangria available in the world. How can you compare a rich, red sangria made with blackberries and raspberries against a brilliant white sangria made with oranges and peaches? It just isn't that possible.

Still, in the world of best sangria recipes, what you can do is make guesses about which types of sangria will tend to please the most drinkers. Say you made an "unusual" concoction of sangria with white wine, hot BBQ sauce, kiwi fruit, gooseberries, lychee liqueur and raisins. Yes, I'm sure you could find a few people who felt this combination was the absolute best taste sensation they had ever encountered. However, if you had this in a bowl at a wedding, my guess would bet that most people would take a sip and decide they'd rather move along to something else to drink.

So really the world of best sangria recipes is all about averages. What would the average person, used to eating a certain combination of flavors, feel was the most tasty sangria out of a standard book of sangria recipes?

Here are my selections of the best sangria recipes on this website. Let me know if you have any comments - I'm always interested to hear what the sangria recipe lovers of the world out there feel about sangria! As you can probably tell, I'm very interested in the subject myself!

Best Sangria Recipes

Italian Sangria Recipe
I call this "Italian" because it's very similar to what a popular chain of Italian Restaurants serves as their house sangria. I know a ton of people who order it, so the flavor combination is definitely a tasty one!

Lemon Sangria Recipe
My friend Nancy swears by this recipe. She makes this red sangria for numerous summer parties and its fresh flavors really are popular with her guests.

Nectarine Sangria Recipe
Spain is known for its oranges and nectarines, and this sangria recipe has a healthy dose of both represented. It also has a lot of Spanish brandy in it - so sip slowly!

Peachy White Sangria Recipe
Sometimes you're looking for a more gentle sangria, especially on very hot summer days. This white sangria recipe uses white wine and peaches to bring that fresh flavor.

Champagne Sangria Recipe
This sangria recipe has a serious kick to it, has bubbles, and you can mix and match the fruit depending on what is in season. That makes it very ideal in my book! I really love Champagne and strawberries, that is a delicious combination for me and for many others.

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Note: I created these sangria recipes and have had them online for years. If you find similar sangria recipes elsewhere, it's because someone copied my idea. I do appreciate it when visitors write in to warn me about the plagiarism - but usually there's not much I can do about it! What's really funny is when they copy my design right down to my sangria pitcher. That's a bit much :)

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