Nectarine Sangria Recipe

The Spanish have turned sangria creation into an art form. Here's a typical recipe you'll find in many corners of Spain, mixed up by the pitcherful for long afternoons of relaxation and conversation.

If you do not have access to Rioja, then Chianti or Shiraz serve as good substitutes.


1 750ml bottle Rioja (fruity Spanish red wine)
1 750ml bottle brandy
1 2 liter bottle Sprite / 7-Up
1/2 cup nectarines
1/2 cup peaches
1/2 cup melon
1/2 cup oranges
1/2 cup lemons

First, chop up the nectarines, peaches, melon, oranges and lemons and pile those into the bottom of a large pitcher. Note that you can leave out a fruit or two depending on what's available, the idea is to create a "medley".

Fill the pitcher half up with the Rioja. Now add brandy until the pitcher is about 2/3rds full, and top it off with the Sprite.

Stir well with some ice, and enjoy! You can re-top the mix off with more brandy, wine and soda as you drink.

To turn this into a single-glass sangria recipe, a typical assumption is that one 750ml bottle of wine yields four large glasses of wine. Divide all ingredients shown by four. If you're making just one glass worth you probably don't want to wait for the overnight soaking. If the mixture doesn't soak, you just won't get as much of the fruit / berry flavors permeating the sangria.

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