Sangria Instructions

Sangria is not complicated like a layered drink or a flaming drink. Making a sangria recipe is about relaxing, having fun, and enjoying life!

Chilled Ingredients

Sangria is meant to be served cold, so it works best if the wines and ingredients you use are chilled. The liqueur does not need to be chilled, but the wine and fruits should be.

Chop Up the Fruits and Berries

Sangria is easiest to drink when the fruit and berry components are small and easy to drink while you're drinking the liquid part. On the other hand, though, it does look really pretty if you have a large strawberry floating in the glass, for example. So balance your desire for easy eating with your enjoyment of the visual appeal.

Mix Well and Let Soak

If you can at all plan for it, try to let your sangria mixture sit overnight in a fridge. That way all the delicious flavors from the fruits and berries can soak into the sangria and permeate it. This means the sangria you drink the next morning will have all the natural fruit juices integrated into it.

Add any Bubbly / Sparkly Items Last

If you are adding in club soda, sparkling wine, ginger ale or anything else with bubbles, put that in at the very last moment. Don't put that in before an overnight soak. Otherwise all your bubbles will be lost and will go flat before you get a chance to enjoy it.

Have Fun!

Sangria is about enjoying your friends, family, and the natural world around you. Mix things up. Use a white wine instead of a red. Use cherries instead of blueberries. Do whatever strikes you as interesting, and explore the results!

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