Goya Carbonated Sangria

Normally I am a very strong proponent of making your own sangria. The whole beauty of sangria is that it's made with very fresh fruit, using fruits you adore. Sangria is about local and fresh, just like fresh brewed coffee is about brewing it fresh.

However, that being said, there are times this just isn't feasible. Let's say you're throwing a Mexican themed party for teenagers, and for some reason you have to have the sangria all pre-mixed and not made fresh. This could be a solution for that situation.

Goya Sangria

I want to say clearly that I have no stake in Goya sales :) Also, I saw this in the supermarket for at least six months straight and refused to buy it before finally giving in to give it a try. So I am definitely not "pushing" Goya. If anything, I was very hesitant about it and did not believe in the thought of pre-mixed sangria.

So, on to the taste test. The sangria is non-alcohol. That's important to make clear! The definition of sangria is "fruit plus brandy" - so this isn't really a sangria, but a sangria-like soda. It is 100% completely safe for kids. It is a bubbly fruit punch.

That is exactly what it tastes like - a sugary fruit punch.

Goya Sangria

Its first ingredient is carbonated water. Then the second ingredient is high fructose corn syrup. It has 43g of sugars per serving. It has a dose of "natural flavors" (no indication of what) and then caramel colors, preservatives. And Red Dye #40.

Goya Sangria

So what is my summary? I'm strongly against ingesting lots of high fructose corn syrup. But I understand the realities of life. If you are feeding teenage kids a "Mexican meal" and can't make fruit punch fresh, this might be your only alternative. And in that case, it is fruity tasting and has a light bubble to it. It tastes fine. But if at all possible, make a fresh fruit punch for them. It's far more authentic, far more healthy for them, and much more in the spirit of what Sangria is all about.

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