Easy Sangria Recipe

At its core, sangria is a Spanish wine punch that only requires three ingredients - wine, fruit, and a bit of liqueur for a kick. So if you're in a casual mood and don't care what you drink as long as it's easy and fun, here is the recipe for you!


1 750ml bottle of wine
1 cup fruit
1/4 cup hard alcohol

Start with the bottle of wine. Whatever you have around will do quite nicely. It can be red, white, pink, sparkling, you name it. Sangria is made from all styles of wine. Go with what is on hand. Pour it into a pitcher or bowl.

Find a random fruit around. Maybe you have a can of pineapples on the shelf. Drain out the syrup and add them in. Do you have a bag of frozen blueberries in the freezer? Give those a try. A good tip for future shopping is to get some cans and frozen bags of fruit and stock your shelves and freezer with them. Fresh fruit is of course wonderful but it can go bad quickly. By having a few standby ingredients in your home, you're always ready when the mood for sangria strikes you.

Next, grab a random bottle of hard alcohol off your liquor cabinet shelf. It can be rum, vodka, brandy, gin, whatever you have around. Flavored items add interest of course - Grand Marnier will bring an orangey goodness to your concoction while a banana liqueur will add some exotic flavors. Whatever you have is fine.

Mix together and enjoy!

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