Wine Consumption Around the World

How much wine does each major country consume? Statistics show that Italy produces the most wine. Who drinks it is quite another matter. Here are the 1997 values for wine consumption.

Note that 'per capita' is misleading - most countries do not allow minors to drink.



Per Capita in L

Luxembourg 63.3
France 60.1
Italy 58.1
Portugal 53.0
Slovenia 52.0
Switzerland 49.4
Croatia 46.8
Argentinia 39.4
Spain 36.9
Uruguay 33.6
Austria 31.9
Yugoslavia 30.1
Greece 30.1
Denmark 29.1
Hungary 28.5
Romania 25.4
Belgium 24.3
Germany 22.8
Australia 19.0
United Kingdom 14.0
Netherlands 13.6
Chile 13.6
Macedonia 13.5
Czech 12.1
Sweden 11.9
New Zealand 11.4
South Africa 8.9
Canada 7.39
United States 7.38
Ireland 5.3
Japan 1.7

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