Wine Regions in History

Wine has been central to every culture we know about. We have found pottery shards containing wine in Egypt, and wine was packed in with mummies to accompany them to the afterlife. We have ample evidence that the Roman Empire brought vines along with them into pretty much every land they conquered!

Sumeria - 5400bc to 1000bc
Egypt and Mesopotamia - 900bc to 500bc
Greece and Sumeria
Roman Empire - 750bc to 400ad

Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)
Old Sturbridge Village and Wines (1830-1850)
Wines of 1900

1976 Paris Tasting

Society and Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol Abstainer Chart
Wine Consumption Around the World
United States Wine Consumption
United States Alcohol Consumption
Alcohol Drinking Ages by Country
World Wine Export Rates