Alcohol Abstainer Chart

Alcohol is forbidden by many religions. Islam and Catholics are often exorted to avoid alcohol drinking. Some people deliberately abstain from all alcohol rather than risk becoming alcoholics (or perpetuating an already existing alcoholism problem).

A study was done in 2000 that gathered up, from various sources and reports, the average number of abstainers in a variety of countries.

Here is a summary of national surveys determining how many adults were choosing to abstain from drinking alcohol. You can read the raw report below if you want to see exactly what the survey entailed.

Zimbabwe: 46%
China: 45.3%
Haiti: 42%
United States: 36%
Columbia: 33%
Ireland: 28%
Canada: 23.2%
Italy: 22.7%
Poland: 19%
Australia: 10.4%
France: 4.5%

As much as you might think it's the teens that go out binge drinking all the time, most studies I've read indicate that older people are more likely to drink daily. Younger people are more likely to see alcohol as an occasional drink along with the soda and such they've grown up with.


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Alcohol Abstainer Chart
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