United States Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is a very interesting beverage to track the consumption of. If you are a non-drinker living in a non-drinking area (parts of Utah for example) you might imagine that very few people at all drink. After all, none of your friends do! On the other hand if you are an Italian living in New Jersey surrounded by all your Italian friends and family, you might have wine with every meal and think that is quite normal. All of your friends drink wine every day. That is your world, and you expect that everybody is like that.

Zogby America did a survey of 1035 adults in 2000. Their results are:

34% never drink
17% only twice a year (probably Christmas and New Year's) :)
22% twice a month
21% twice a week
7% every day

The non-drinkers are amazed that so many people drink so often. The drinkers are amazed that a full half of all adults in the US drink twice a year or less!

How about wine as a sub-group of this alcohol consumption?

A poll by Gallup in 2005 found that:
39% of alcohol drinkers preferred wine
26% preferred beer
21% preferred a hard liquor of some sort


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