Wines of Spain


Spain is well known for a number of different kinds of wine. While there are more than 20 wine regions, there are four that are popular in the rest of the world: Rioja, Cava, Sherry, and Malaga.

Rioja is probably the most well known wine from Spain. However, many people drink Freixenet at celebrations, not realizing that this is a Spanish cava! Learn more about Spanish wines, and what makes them unique.




Cava SpainMacabeo, Xarello, Parellada
Malaga Spainpedro ximénez, moscatel de málaga
Rioja Spaintempranillo, garnacha tinta, graciano, mazuelo, viura, malvasia, garnacha blanca
Sherry Sherrypalomino, pedro ximenez, muscatel

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