Boston Wine Expo 2008

If you're looking to get a solid dose of wine education in the Boston area, there is really no way you can do better than the Boston Wine Expo, held in early February each year at the World Trade Center in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. You pay one entrance fee, and then you literally are presented with more wine types than you could possibly drink in an afternoon. There are hundreds and hundreds of wines being poured. You could do a sweep of all the sparkling wines and Champagnes, to learn which types of Champagne you like the best. You could go down the row of New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, comparing and contrasting them.

I have done many wine tastings over the years and the one thing which always stands out is that we ALL have different tongues. A wine that one person adores, another person hates. A wine one person says is too sweet, another person says is too tart. You can't just believe any wine expert or other person who gives you tasting notes. You really do have to try things for yourself to see what YOU like and dislike. This type of venue gives you that perfect opportunity. If you know you like ports, you can go down the line, trying a variety of ports and seeing which suit you the best.

Now the key here is to TAKE NOTES. There is no way you will possibly remember what you like and dislike after a few hours go by! Pace yourself and set up a plan. Try a set type of wines one after another. That way you can really do a good job of comparing and contrasting them.

Another great benefit of going to the wine expo is that you get to talk with the actual winemaker in many cases, to learn how they made the wines and get insight into what you're drinking.

They 2008 expo offered several cooking demonstration areas, as well as a cafe area where you could get lovely sandwiches and snacks to go with your wine. There were even great tables set up for AllClad, one of our favorite cookware products!

Here are my notes from the 2008 Boston Wine Expo!

Westport Rivers Winery - Rob Russell
Running Brook Winery - Scott Elms
Sharpe Hill Winery - Catherine Vollweiler
Newport Winery - Craig Corsetti and Steve Krohn
Sakonnet Winery - Elaine Bernier
Sua from Argentina
Lenz from Long Island

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