Boston Wine Expo 2008
Lenz from Long Island

One of my favorite wineries in Long Island is Lenz Winery. We caught up with a contact from Lenz at the Boston Wine Expo to find out how they were doing.

Lenz, while in it's "quiet period" for tourists, is extremely busy with the winery operations. They are launching a new website and setting up events for comparative tasting of merlots and bordeaux style wines. They are expanding out the winery as well - "it's been crazy". Apparently it is "sort of the quiet time for the tasting room - but for the winery everything is going on." They have a book signing event coming up and winter cellar tours.

The expansion phase starts next month. They're filling in the pool, which will become a secluded, sunken area.

Their visiting hours are seven days a week, from 10-5. After memorial day this expands to 10-6.

Doing the Long Island winery weekend is definitely a classic for any wine drinker! They have a slew of great wineries all right next to each other. Make your plans now!

Lenz Winery Webpage

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