Boston Wine Expo 2008
Sakonnet Winery - Elaine Bernier

Elaine Bernier, the winemaker at Sakonnet Winery, was present at the expo to talk to us about her fantastic winery! This is the largest winery in New England, and also has some of the largest vineyards, with 50 acres planted. They sell 12,000 to 15,000 cases of estate wine each year, with a total sales of 25,000 cases.

Sakonnet is a great destination winery. The vines are beautiful to walk through, and the winery allows picnicking. They also have a cafe which opens up afer Memorial Day. "We have something for everyone" explains Elaine. "Our wines are local so that's the best thing we can have - buy local products".

Winemaking is in Elaine's blood. "My family has been farmers all their life. I grew up in Tiverton. Working in Little Compton, I take pride in the vineyard people. Hard work creates a quality product."

Their Vidal Blanc is their signature wine, and they also do well with Cock of the Walk. The blends are selling very well. They have talked about putting in a full service fine restaurant, along the lines of Sharpe Hill and Nashoba Valley. However, Sakonnet is so off the beaten path that that would be hard. The cafe does really well in the summertime. "If there was going to be a restaurant, it has to be really nice," explains Elaine. They are currently looking into doing tasting events and a rewards program of some sort.

We tried the Vidal Blanc, and it is indeed lovely, with a crisp, fresh juicy flavor and a long finish.

Be sure to swing down by Sakonnet in the summertime to taste their plethora of wines! With the wide variety they have to offer, there's sure to be a few that become your new house favorites.

Sakonnet Winery

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