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Newport Winery - Craig Corsetti and Steve Krohn

The Newport Winery is located in historic Newport, Rhode Island. Craig Corsetti and Steve Krohn were on hand to talk with us about this winery's products. Talk about a perfect location to visit - if you ever get a chance, head down to Newport for a weekend visit. The mansions are gorgeous, the seaport is gorgeous, and of course there's a winery right there to taste at!

The new wines for Newport this year are a pinot gris and a gewurztraminer. they are doing a lot more functions, corporate events, corporate wine dinners and education programs. They're also having good success with elderhostel groups and food tours of New England. They already have 11 set up for the coming season, with clam bakes and other related offerings.

Newport has fifty acres of vines, making them one of the largest operations in New England. The oldest vines were planted back in the 1980s! Their winery location is compact, but they set up a 40x40 tent in the summer to handle the influx of visitors. They do rehersal dinners, and have the tent available after 6:30 on weekends and some lunches Monday to Thursday. Usually they are so swamped during normal hours that they are busy enough just keeping up with the visitors!

We asked about the Newport Wine Festival. This is now a three day long event, and has been very popular for bringing people into the Newport area for wine enjoyment. Their best selling wines right now are the Great White (light, fruity, fresh) as well as "In the Buff" (apricot, also fresh and juicy). Their ice wine is quite popular as well. Made from vidal blanc, this is a true ice wine where the grapes are allowed to freeze on the vines. "A lot of peopel know about us because of our ice wine." I adore ice wine and found this, at only $27/375ml to be very nice and fresh. "We always run out every year", explained Steve.

They're working on a revamping on their bottle labels, going with a fun, hip, colorful look. I *adore* their old logo so to me this is a shame, but I know how these things go :) Lots of people do buy wines based on the labels. In fact Steve commented that "we want our visitors to feel comfortable - never to feel overwhelmed, intimidated".

Quite an attitude that I agree with! Be sure to make a visit down to the Newport area for a weekend of ocean, mansions and relaxing wine!

Newport Vineyards and Winery

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