Boston Wine Expo 2008
Sua from Argentina

I wish I had a photo of the Sua! This rosy-red sparkling wine from Argentina is just GORGEOUS in color. It is 60% Sangiovece with Malbec in there as well. At 11% alcohol, it has a bit of strawberry infusion and a delicious flavor. The wine comes from the Robino family. They locally sell "a gazillion" cases of their product and are just now coming up into the US. They don't even have a distribution network set up yet.

We asked about the international dollar issues. The contact explained that the export dollar is still mighty down in Argentina. "Really you don't make money unless you export. Before you could make a mediocre wine for the local market - but with the collapse of the peso you have to sell internationally."

They are hoping to get this into the US market by Easter!

Boston Wine Expo 2008 Notes

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