Boston Wine Expo 2003
Next, the Verdicchio

Verdicchio is a white grape variety grown in Italy which creates a fruity, fresh wine. The wine is also called verdicchio. The wines almost tend towards a light green color, and are known for their flower, herb and fruit flavors. Some people consider verdicchios to be chugging wines, but there are some delicious verdicchios out there if you keep your eyes open!

We first tasted the Tavignano Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, 2001. This white had a floral aroma, with hints of peach. Medium body, and fruity flavor with some tart green apple in it. This was one of those perfect back-porch sipping wines, and at only $12 it's quite a bargain.

There was also a Verdiccio dei Castelli de Jesi Misco, at $17/bottle. This white had a rich flavor of dried herbs and citrus, with a lovely white pepper finish and a hint of a buttery pine nut flavor. Again, a great sipping wine for relaxing alone or with friends.

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