Boston Wine Expo 2003
First Stop - Fratelli Castino Gavis

Usually at a wine expo we go running straight for the Champagne table, to taste those light, bubbly wines before our tongues get too worn out with wine. However, having done 3 Champagne tastings in the past month or two for New Year's, we decided to set our sights in another direction. Whites of course come before reds, and Italy is famous for its delicious Gavi.

We stopped at the Fratelli Castino table, being manned by Angelo Castino. His family has been making wine since 1854, and he was pouring two whites this morning along with several reds. We began with the Rocca Alta Gavi. This 2001 wine is made from straight corteze grape. The wine was fruity and fresh, with melon flavors and a tart finish. We then tried the "A.D". which was a blend of 50% corteze, 50% chardonnay. This was crisp and fruity, with good wood flavors. It had 13.5% alcohol but didn't taste heavy, it was medium bodied and would be perfect with fish or seafood.

Angelo explained how the corteze grape brought a strong acid flavor, while the chardonnay gave the wine structure, creating the perfect combination in the A.D. We were quite impressed to find that the price for the gavi was only $5, and the price for the A.D. blend was $8. These are fabulous bargains if you enjoy fish or seafood - ask at your wine shop for them!

Fratelli Castino Website

Fratelli Castino
Angelo Castino, from Fratelli Castino

Moving up the price scale, we next hit the Gavi di Gavi from Villa Sparina. This gavi is aged only in stainless steel to bring out its fresh fruit flavors. The white was very light and risp, with balsam wood flavors and a rich, full, fruity taste. The old vines are grown in a minerally soil, which add to the complex flavor. The 2001 sells for just under $30, and they also sell a Monte Rotundo which goes for just under $60. Something to watch for when you plan your next Italian seafood meal!

Villa Sparina Website

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First Stop - Fratelli Castino Gavi
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