Boston Wine Expo 2003

The Boston Wine Expo is held for a weekend each late winter in Boston, Massachusetts. This can make it an adventure to get to - in past years there have been blizzards and freezing temperatures. This year we counted ourselves lucky to only have weather around 34F and 6" of snow fall Sunday morning. It was well worth the trip in!

Saturday began on a somber note, as news of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster was released around 10am. Many winedrinkers gave silent toasts to the brave astronauts who lost their lives, and to the families and friends they left behind.

The festival is laid out on the single, gigantic floor of the World Trade Center, with each winery or group of wineries having a table from which to pour their samples. There were also cars, a boat, two cooking demonstration areas, and many accessory vendors offering samples and discussions. We found the layout even more nicely done than last year. Each region of the world and the US was centralized in a given area, and large flags hung from the ceiling made it easy to find what you were looking for. Looking for Riojas? The Spanish wines were together in the center. Looking for wineries from New England? They were in their own area as well, and now comparing the similar wines from an area became convenient and fun.

Just one of 10 or so aisles full of wine

The cooking demonstrations were quite informative. Rachael Ray from the Food Network gave her demonstrations to a packed crowd, entertaining them immensely. Other luminaries included Ian Just from Les Zygomates and Chris Douglas from Icarus. Visitors were able to sample the final creations for free when each demonstration was complete.

The seminars that were offered cost a bit extra money, but they were well worth it! Mary Ewing-Mulligan, Master of Wine, talked about plain whites and plain reds (or the lack thereof!) Krug poured Champagne, the Wine Spectator blind-tasted Sauvignon Blanc, there were Rieslings and Bordeaux and Cabernet Sauvignon seminars. We went to two and enjoyed both immensely.

Enjoy my notes and photos from the Wine Expo, to take you on a virtual tour of this grand event. If you missed it, be sure to plan to come out next year! And in the meantime, watch for any expos which might be going on in your local area. It's an amazingly fun way to sample wines for yourself, and to determine what YOU like or do not like in a wine.

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