An Affair to Remember and Pink Champagne

It's always fun when a particular type of wine is actually a theme in a movie! Clearly, the classic love story of An Affair to Remember is centered around Pink Champagne. In one of the very first scenes in the shipboard romance, Deborah Kerr tells Cary Grant how much she loves Pink Champagne. He admits that he likes it as well. The two then agree that their time together should be like Pink Champagne - fun, light, enjoyable.

Later, when they go separately into the ship's bar, they both order a glass of Pink Champagne, and are struck with surprise when the two glasses end up side by side on the bar, waiting for them. It shows how they are on each other's minds.

Sure, at the Grandmother's home they're sipping what appears to be Cognac from tiny glasses, but that's just a small diversion from the Pink Champagne theme of the trip. When they finally end up together at the end of the movie, there's no doubt what will be served at their wedding reception!

MoetPink Champagne is actually normally called Rose, and it gets its pink color from the Pinot Noir grapes that go into it. Champagne, made in Champagne, France, is traditionally made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. The skins are removed quickly so that the wine comes out clear and yellowish. However, to make a rose, the wine is allowed to stay in contact with the red skins for longer. That gives the Champagne its pinkish hue.

So grab yourself a bottle of Pink Champagne, rent or buy the movie, and enjoy a wonderful evening with someone you love!

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