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Riedel Champagne Glass Champagne is a region of France, and only wines which come from this region can properly be called "Champagne". Similar drinks from California, Massachusetts, and the rest of the world should be called "sparkling wines".

Champagne's signature bubbles were included by accident! Back in the 1700s, wine was supposed to be flat, like most wine is today. Bubbles were an error in the process, and the monk Dom Pérignon worked hard to remove them. Instead, he found methods of blending and clarifying the drink, and soon it was sought after by French aristocracy. The rest, they say, is history!

The Champagne market is extremely cyclical. Normally 50% of all Champagne is sold from January through the end of November. Then, 25% is sold up until Christmas Day. A full quarter of all Champagne sold is sold during that final week between Christmas and New Years!

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Champagne Cocktail Recipes Ebook

Our Sangria Recipes include a section on sparkling sangria recipes. These are Champagne Cocktails as well!

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